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    The Mind, and Early Life of  H Kan Lau    劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶

H. Kan LAU,  Hong Kong,  2012.12.25

                   Unearthing & Rediscoveries of stone age jade carvings
improve our knowledge of human races:

  Revelations from stone age Jade carvings from Qinghai/XingJiang Regions unearthed and collected from 1979 to 2005,
  provide us an alternative third model based on unearthed material records, as how human has begun:

  1. Darwin's Evolution Theory and subsequent western scholars theorized that human races originated and evolved from Africa,
  2. Creationists theory as interpreted from the Old Testament as fundamental religious faith,
  3. 我們是  "(恐)龍的傳人":All human races descended from human-sized Dinosaurs in the Tibetan/Qinghai plateau and the
      surrounding  Xingjian/Gangsu regions according to the unearthed stone age jade stone carvings.

   My growing up mostly relied on my heart-felt natural instincts to gather evidences in integrating knowledge models of the
   outside world since childhood during the Pacific War (1943-1945), the mainland civil war, the liberation & the land reform
   Life became more formalized after arriving Hong Kong in 1956, and enrolled in the British-Anglican liberal schooling. Hong
   Kong has been a special breeding place for people like Dr Sun Yet Sun, our school alumnus. My schooling years had created
   more puzzles than solutions among the spheres of Mathematical logics,  Scientific models of the Physical world, LaoTze's
   naturalism, ConFuTze's interpretations of Western Zhou  西周 era's social and political rituals, the mysterious Buddha, Old
   Testament's "GOD/LOAD", and the New Testament's "Trinity". LaoTze's summary of prior generations' wise characterization
   of the universal dynamics as, "太極" TaiJi, "道' Dao, and "德" De, which had retained within me waiting for a more comprehensible
   & tangible interpretation than explained by textbooks. Chinese History textbooks, had been so badly written, that one really
   could not get a good feeling about what had happened to our fellow human beings before the past 5,000 years. My inner
   mind has always been trying to "map" (in Algebraic logic) into our ancestral databases as the sources of our intellectual instincts.
   Thereafter, I had resolved to search for the original and genuine relics and to associate with them, as reference materials, in order
   to put our cultural origins in perspectives, in one of my future days.

   In the 1950s and early 1960s, Asia was materially in poverty, and the LIFE magazine had served a mirror of USA in which everybody
   saw the paradise in humanity. Aerospace exploration technologies seemed to promise the future of humanity for further extensions
   to unknowns. I was so fascinated  to choose to study and do research in that direction trying to find out the quantum & particle
   nature of communications, control, & systems, in abstract formulations and practical computerization implementations. I have
   since viewed the human world along such quantum  information control in stochastic and dynamics terms. 
   I had spent 12 memorable years in Montreal and Toronto: 1965-1970 at McGill University, 1970-1974 at University of Toronto,
   and 1974-1977 at Reed Limited, Toronto during which I had the opportunities to work with a number of gifted scholars and
   insightful professionals in computerized digital modeling, simulations of Electro-Magnetic waves propagations, Communications,
   Automatic Control Systems, Adaptive & Stochastic Controls Systems, and Econometric Models & Controls.

   These 12 years of exposures turned out to be instrumental in linking up the dynamics of information, communications, control,
   and systems sensibly implemented to my natural heart-felt  behavior in investigating those freshly unearthed jade carvings.
   Revelations and unexpected results are now reported on the 2012.12.12 Chinese version on this  website.

    After the passing of Chairman Mao Ze-dong and the collapse of Cultural Revolution by arresting the gang of four in 1976,
    I returned Hong Kong in 1977 joining The Hong Kong Chinese University, lecturing MBA business systems courses, and designing
    and implementing computerized automatic financial control systems for international banks in the private sector.  

    By 1979, as the Chinese Mainland opened up commercially, unearthed jade carvings relics started to appear in the  artifacts market,
    but were considered very rare and priced rather expensively in those days. I started to collect them massively in terms of the entire
    complete digs. As I found out gradually, these jade stone sculptures were much more inspirational than the works of my favorite
    masters, Henry Moore and Picasso.

    By 1981, I formally started Quasar Technologies Limited in software and hardware design, development and marketing.

    As I grew more mature in age, I gathered the sense of urgency to weave the pieces of the hanging puzzles together. By 2002,
    September, I began to devote full time investigating the implications which might be derived from the collected unearthed jade

    Between 2005 and 2008, I spent half of my time residing in 上海青蒲 Qingpu, Shanghai
, close to  the 崧泽文化 ShongZe Neolithic
. There are other stone age & Neolithic sites stretch westwards towards 吳江市區域, WuJiang region, adjacent to Lake TaiWu
    太湖, which is famous for its Lake TaiWu genuine hairy crabs 原生態太湖大閘蟹 .
    As indicated by the locations in unearthing and recovering the stone age jade carved scripts, the region East of the entire Lake
    Taiwu , centered at 震澤 ZhenZe
in the 江蘇吳江區域, WuJiang region. 震澤 had been the cultural center of 斧燧氏 (FuShui Clan),
    太昊氏 (TaHoe Clan), and 太炎氏 (TaYan Clan) early in the Neolithic age. The  said "Three Emperors" (三皇) preceded the "Five
    Kingdoms"  (五帝) in time, and were said to be their ancestors in the family tree . All their prior ancestors had been fair skinned,
    tall and with angular facial features, migrating from the Northwest in earlier ages.
    This portion of prehistory was among the major omissions by classical texts, as the cultural relics had been submerged and
    covered by flood water or sedimentary soils for thousands of years, and only been recovered by construction projects with
    modern digging machines in recent thirty or so years. The traditional Chinese history has only narrated from 黃帝 HuangDi about
    4,700 years ago, and only concentrated mainly on the Central Plains surrounding the Yellow River mountainous delta, at the
    junction of Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Henan, as the political & cultural centre at that particular ages of time.
    However, the two other more significant sources of cultures and racial ethnicity prior to the Central Plains cultures had been left
    out in the classical texts as well as the contemporary textbooks. These two sources of prior cultural centers, from the Tibetan/
    Qinghai and the North West as well as the Lake TaiWu and its surrounding regions can now be traced from the unearthed carved
    jade scripts recovered and collected by us.    

    By 2012.12.12, a fairly complete Chinese website version edited and revised over the years, now consolidates the findings of
    Chinese Cultural Origins as derived from my collected stone age jade carvings.

    As happened, on 2012.12.19 I received an email from David Woetzel requesting a bigger image photo of a jade Dinosaur artifact.
    As I found out later Dave, a New Hampshire businessman, has been a fervent explorer in search of material evidences related to
    the on-going  linkages of human and dinosaurs as follow ups to thoroughly interpret the Old Testament.
    As I began to document this, Dave traveled to Brazil to present his findings on Human and Dinosaurs as the Winter Solstice or the
    Galactic Alignment and Realignment began, marking the end and beginning of major cycles of cosmology. 

    Indeed, as we march into the new era, we are now in a position to put ourselves in an objective perspective to the nature of three
    diversified models accounting for the origins of human races as follows: 

    1.  Darwin's theory of evolution and that human races originated from Africa.
    2.  The Creationist hypothesis according to the Old Testament, and that Dinosaur (Dragon) co-exited with human.
    3.  "龍的傳人":  The Chinese legion "龍的傳人",i.e.  "human races came from dinosaurs" can now be interpreted literally, as stone age
          jade carvings had been unearthed and recovered in recent years revealing the transition physical forms as human-sized dinosaurs
          evolved to modern human races as recorded by stone age jade carvings.
        Images of , and images of their transition stages to human  carved on jade stones in the stone age are shown in
        in this brief summary.
        " 龍" had been designated as "dragon" by biblical translators. The  fossils were discovered by western scholars in
        the 19th century  and was named as "dinosaur". As  " 龍" had been as designated as "dragon", an alternative name "恐龍" was
        assigned to .   
        Existence of Dinosaurs:
        1. Reconstruction from fossil bones: A beaked and horned dinosaur said to have lived about 15 millions years ago, as
            reconstructed from fossils first unearthed in 1958 in Canada.


        2. Jade Carvings unearthed, revealing  the stone age documentations :

        From 1979 to 2009, we have scouted and collected unearthed stone age jade carvings from Tibetan/Qinghai/Xingkiang/Gangsu
        territories depicting the graduate evolution of winged/beaked and horned dinosaurs into human.

        Among my collected samples, I have selected a few chosen samples to illustrate the carvings based on our forefather's memories
        from prior records, or according to live dinosaurs living alongside with the human or semi-human artists at different stages of their
        development from beaked and horned dinosaurs into beaked/horned human as well as beaked and the horned human, and slowly
        and gradually over millions of years into modern human.



    Unearthed in the North West, was carved with a hunting scene decorated with a Symbolic dinosaur and an early
    beaked and winged human: 

    1. A beaked dinosaur bird already in stand up form, transforming into the early stage of dinosaur "birdman".  
    2. A symbolic horned dinosaur in "C" shape. which are now commonly unearthed in Northern China, but had been carved throughout
        Northern China from 10,000 years to 5,000 years ago to celebrate that mankind evolved from Dinosaurs, as "龍的傳人" . 
    3. We are witnessing the carved picture in hunting and gathering life style surrounded by mulberry trees



                Carvings of  naked hunters with early symbolic scripts. The symbolic "C" Dinosaur also accompanied the early scripts.


                          Another hunting scene, with the sun, and a mulberry tree.
                          Again, we see the "C" Dinosaur and other two scripts.  The other two scripts were decoded to be 「鳥王」,
                          as "Bird King" which later evolved into a bird sitting on top of "King" in forming the official scripts of 「皇」,
                          the "Emperor" meaning the ruler of Birdmen, or the beaked human race.  





                    Beginnings of Sanskrit: an early version of phonetic scripts, used in conjunction with symbolic scripts in the
                    Tibetan/Qinghai/Xingjiang/Gangsu regions







Cultural sites in Xinjiang extending from 和田 Hetian (Hoten, or Khotan) , to Gansu  retain substantial stone age jade carvings,
bearing pre-historical records, which can reveal the origins of human races as well as how human scripts had begun.



The following few samples were among a sizeable stone age jade carvings unearthed near Hetian Xingjian, collected by us.
The jade carvings from this site, demonstrate the transformation of human from human sized beaked dinosaurs over a period
of historical times:

                              A version of symbolic Dinosaur: 









                         A  beaked Dinosaur embryo with wings:  










                       A beaked and horned Dinosaur human: 







                            A horned  Dinosaur human: 










                          A vivid Horned and beaked Dinosaur human: 




                                  A horned and beaked Dinosaur human decorated with a pair of dinosaur embryo as  a pair of ears: 


                         A side view of the same horned and beaked Dinosaur human: 









                                      A Dinosaur beaked human, decorated with a feathered crown: 











                            This collection of unearthed jade carvings, recorded evolution of various Dinosaur races transforming
                            into diversified human races, including race with fair skinned with long & angular facial features migrating
                            towards the East after inventing phonetic as well as symbolic scripts, and also migrating towards the West.
                            As well, thick lipped human race who integrated with other races to the East, as well as migrating to the
                            West and eventually reached northern Africa and became the Egyptian royal family:








Stone age jade carvings discovered in the Hetian, Xinjiang region indicated the region had been a centre of multi-racial settlements,
probably originated from the Tibetan Qinghai Plateau.
The following satellite map illustrates the topography of the landmass east of Hetian for subsequent human racial migrations:  







The following satellite map illustrates the topography of the landmass west of Hetian for subsequent human racial migrations: