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群星科技項目      人類智慧与知識的機際闋係 (2010)    分析与綜合結論:  1.  岀土智慧硬件的啓示 (2012.01.25)    2.  智慧与知識軟件的融           劉漢根的博客 2013.05.18
    The Mind, and Early Life of  H Kan Lau    劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶

Bachelor Honors Electrical Engineering  1965-1969 McGill  University
Master of Electrical Engineering                1969-1970 McGill University

1.Newtonian Mechanics
2.Advance calculus
4.Numerical Analysis
5.Programming Languages
6.Digital an Analogue Computers
7.Quantum Mechanics
8.Modern Abstract Algebra
9.Electromagnetic Waves Theories
10.Electrical Circuitry
11.Solid Sate Physics
12.Probability and Statistics
13.Linear Systems
14.Digital and Continuous Systems Simulations
15.Structural Analysis
16.Fluid Dynamics
17.Switching Logic Circuitry
18.Wave Guide Propagation & Experiments
19.Circuit Design Experiments
20.Optimal Control Systems
21.Transistors In Circuitry
22.Non-linear Systems
23.Computer Simulations
24.Relaxation Methods in Solving Partial Differential Equations
25.Probability Theory
26.Communication Theory
27.Optimal Computerized Antenna Design
28.Advanced Magnetic Wave Theories

Ph D  University of Toronto  1970-1974
in Applying Adaptive Control Systems to Canadian Economic Modeling

1.Numerical Modeling
2.Adaptive Control Theory
3.Stochastic Processes
4.Stochastic Control Systems 
5.Econometric Theories and researches
6.Advanced Optimal Control Systems
7.Game Theories
8.Dynamic Programming
9.Optimal Economic Growth Theories
10.Mathematical Economics Theories and Research
11.Canadian and USA Econometric Models and Simulations
12.Advanced Abstract Algebra
13.Testing Validity of Probability Assumptions of Econometric Applications
14Fiscal And Monetary Policies
15Economic Models
16.Industrial Processes and Simulations: Discrete and Continuous
17.Seminars in Economic Research
18.Stochastic Adaptive Control Research Papers
19.Great Papers from Systems, Control and Communications Journals
20.Researches from Economists in Models, and Economic Controls