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劉漢根一生心靈的回歸體驗 人類智慧与知識的機際闋係 (2010.08.30)           分析与綜合結論:  1.  岀土智慧硬件的啓示 (2012.01.25)       2.  智慧与知識軟件的融合 (2012.03.15)


I love your artifact (attached). Could I perhaps get a high quality photo of it? You have many of your artifacts in high resolution, but no this one!



Dave Woetzel


chinese neolithic jade dragon.JPG chinese neolithic jade dragon.JPG
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Honkan LAU <hkanlau@gmail.com>
10:11 AM (5 hours ago)
to David

Can you introduce yourself?

David Woetzel
11:42 AM (4 hours ago)
to me



Thanks for the prompt reply. I am the president/CEO of a technology firm. But my hobby is researching dragons and dinosaurian cryptids around the world. I have the privilege of owning a number of Chinese dragon artifacts. This one is particularly fascinating because of its resemblance to dinosaurs. It would be great to receive and have your permission to display such a picture!



Dave Woetzel


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From: Honkan LAU [mailto:hkanlau@gmail.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 9:11 PM
To: David Woetzel
Subject: Re: Picture

Honkan LAU <hkanlau@gmail.com>
12:22 PM (3 hours ago)
to David

A larger image is attached. Please acknowledge the source and my website whenever you publish the photo in public.
Dinosaur in English designation was discovered only in the 19th century. But the images were recorded in stone carvings before the Neolithic age in the Western regions of China as records of human ancestry. 

If you read Chinese scripts, you will be able to trace the development of the human revolution from my investigations, that human races as well as the phonetic (Sanskrit) 
and symbolic scripts initially developed in the Tibetan/Qinghai/XIngkiang/GangSu regions. 
Human evolution began before the Indian and Arabic landmass collided into the Tibetan/Qinghai plateau facing the Seas.

The confusion between the terminologies of "Dragon" vs
"Dinosaur" were due to the translations, and the different stages of discovering the said subject. The biblical dragon has not been the same Chinese entity identified as Dinosaur
in the 19th century by western scholars.
In deed this can be a meaningful as well as interesting 
subject for thorough investigations to uncover the origins of human and cultures.

Thanks for your interests,
H Kan Lau        
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