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Origins of Human Races & Scripts

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Inborn Natural Intelligence:


This section  has been written specifically to my

1963 classmates of the Diocesan Boys School, Hong Kong , to share our recollections

of hidden roots of intelligence in our inner hearts. Natural Intelligence had been prevailing

before students were taught to believe and behave according the books of classics from the

Warrior States scholars. such as ConFuTze.

From LaoTze's summary in Dao De Gin, Natural Intelligence , had been derived from the Human

body's kernel known as 精,Gin. The internal information flows in the body has been 氣, Qi.

The process of inter-communications of information with outside parties has been called Shen ,

i.e. spirits.

I have found that the five Chinese character models  "道","德","精",''氣" ,"神", meaningfully

represent my inborn intelligence which have been functioning and guiding me during my life

long journey of revelations.   

Please click, to read our emails in  clarifications &  correspondences to classmates.

I. The Quantum Information Control Modeling of Nature & Human Knowledge

I-1.  Quantum Information Control Model of the Universe and Human Beings     
Tai Ji ,
太極(modeling of Matter (Information & Particles): Quantum Control Information & Particles, 
,道 (External Information Control System, External Universe),
(Internal Human Control System, residing in our Hearts),
,精 (Inborn and Acquired Information Kernel residing within our bodies, Sources of Intelligence),
 氣,(Internal Control Information, Information Flow within the body) ,
神,  (External Control Information, Spirits of Control Information ) 

I-2.   Inborn Intelligence and Acquired Knowledge Models

        先天智慧 与後天知識模型

I-2-1. Inborn Intelligence System Kernel:

          The inborn intelligence Kernel is a basis to build on a life time distributive intelligence
system by linking with relevant  external specific knowledge models as subsystems. 
This has been reflected by my life's journey summary. The recoveries of the Neolithic jade
scripts have been the result of the inborn information database, guiding the forces of
external knowledgebase and the forces of historical events.   

          先天生命資訊系統的核心:  是人一生智慧成長的根基,選擇性的去吸收人類對現實環境的猜測模型知識。

I-2-2. "Natural Intelligence" was investigated in Song dynasty as 宋朝的"心學". Today, the range of
Artificial Knowledge Models has been developed beyond  宋朝的 "理學" , including Sciences,
Technologies, Mathematical and Digital Models.  Adopting the Kernel model defined above, 
we are able to resolve the duality dilemma by attaching the off-line Artificial Knowledge models
to our inner mind Kernel where the real time "Natural Intelligence" operates .