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Origins of Human Races & Scripts

人類群 与 刻契文字的起源和發展

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New 2010.09.23 English & Chinese Version  Neolithic Jade Scripts Slideshows
2010.09.23 中英版本: 玉刻契漢字的起源与發展的實物証據的圖片展

The Neolithic Natural Intelligence has been a missing portion of human intelligence. The Neolithic natural
    intelligence can be traced from the creations and developments of the Chinese character scripts
    traceable from our Neolithic "cultural jades" collection presented herein. 

    This website is about revelations of human's Neolithic past, as reflected by the carvings on the collected
    Neolithic cultural jades, made possible by the realization of Natural Intelligence of the contributors.  

I. Welcome to view Photo Galleries of Neolithic "Cultural Jades" 

The Photo Galleries were developed from our private collection acquired and privately kept in Hong Kong
  since 1979. They were uncovered from Neolithic ruins and found their way to the Hong Kong open market
  since the mainland economy began to open its doors to traders. These Neolithic Cultural Jades differ from
  the traditionally collected "burial jades" from the traditional archeological Burial sites of Hongshan, and
  Liangchu, discovered in the 1920s and 1930s.

  We have selected representative samples and arranged them in order of time frame to reveal the recordings
  of our ancestors' memories of human evolution as well as demonstrating the beginnings and formations of
  the Chinese character scripts. We hope our humble contributions in the collection and research efforts will
  demonstrate to the interested parties the following:

  1. There have been Neolithic remains underneath the hidden soils of the Chinese continent an abundant
  records of human's gifted artistic creations not yet uncovered and displayed in the public domain.

  2. Information derived form these cultural jades would clarify and provide better understanding of ourselves
  and the cognition process of how human has been creating symbols to represent humanly conceptions of reality
(「文化」思想文字化); and how human has been reversing this process by receiving the symbols, and decode
  them to recover the conceptions from the created and transmitted symbols 
(「文明」文字明白化). The translation
「文化」「文明」into the Greek notion of "Culture" and "Civilization" during the Westernization process in the
  recent past has created handicaps in understanding the genuine nature of the
「文化」「文明」as a cognition
  procedure with character symbols and protocol in human communications processes.

Press the following photos, to View Series of Photo Galleries:  

II. Natural Intelligence: Neolithic Cultural Jades & Creations of Character Scripts

 i. Since 1979 we have started to collect Neolithic "cultural jades" in order to trace the development
    of Chinese cultural origins. Besides the "burial jades" from the Hongshan, Liangchu and the CheJiaPin
    archeology cultures, we have been more interested in the "cultural jades" recovered from forgotten
    ruins. By 2002, we have accumulated sufficient samples of the Neolithic cultural jades with scripts,
    and thus devoted full time analyzing them. As no prior work has been documented by other
    collectors, scholars, museums researchers and operators, this website presentation will be the first
    comprehensive report findings to fully deal with the origins of the Chinese character scripts.

ii. All humanly constructed models of reality have been artificially conceived as our best guesses to
    the nature of reality. We have found out that the invention of Chinese scripts began with creations of
    jade sculptures and two dimensional pictures of animals and humans. These images later evolved to
    symbolic abstract strokes and scripts which served as the earliest Chinese character scripts.

    iii. Since childhood, I have always had my inborn models of reality. As I grew up, these models have
    been modified as I interacted with diversity of cultures since the Japanese occupation WWII, PRC
    Liberation, Western Educations in Hong Kong, Information Control & Communications Systems at McGill,
    & U. of Toronto. The propagation nature of Electromagnetic wave as revealed by Maxwell's equations
    alerted me to aware that natural intelligence has existed serving the underlying links between humans
    and nature since very old ages. We believe the inborn natural intelligence has enabled us to detect
    the sudden emergence of some rare Neolithic cultural jades in the Hong Kong market, occasionally with
    carved scripts on them.   
    1.  The actual beginnings and development of the Chinese character scripts can be revealed by our
         collected Neolithic cultural jades with scripts. The development patterns of these carved/inscribed
         scripts would serve as bench marks of the relative time frame of cultural development of the regional

    2.  The discovered Neolithic scripts names on sculptures proofing the existence of FuShui "父"燧氏, TaiHo
         "太昊"氏, TaYan "太炎"氏 & CangJie "蒼頡" during the Neolithic period.

    3.  Numerous Photo Galleries are presented to substantiate the inspirational works of art which have not
         been seen before in museums. With better organized resources, more detailed decoding of the scripts
           on the jade sculptures in our collection may reveal further historical facts.

II.   Analysis: The Process of Cultural Jades Discovery since 1979

  III.  Further Contents in English

Synthesis: Concluding Statements  

  V.   Information Age interpretations of Intelligence:
         www.quasartec.com : Human Natural Intelligence & Neolithic Cultural Jades